Wicked Device announces strategic partnership with ITT Exelis

ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) and Wicked Device LLC have entered into a strategic partnership to explore innovative technology to provide real-time weather information at a hyper-local scale.

Wicked Device is developing an embedded system to integrate with Exelis’s Helios™ platform. The Helios platform enables traffic and other cameras to function as weather sensors, providing more accurate, real-time environmental intelligence for better decision-making and response.

The Helios platform integrates networks of surveillance cameras already in use to watch traffic, facility security and railroad assets for weather monitoring. It aggregates disparate images into a single source and uses algorithms and image processing to reveal actionable real-time environmental intelligence. Providing hyper-local weather data, versus regional data, to national and local agencies, utility companies, transportation services and first responders can help in their decision-making process, saving lives and resources.