Announcing WildFire, the board for serious network connected devices.

Wicked Device, along with MakerShed, is thrilled to announce the release of WildFire, an Arduino compatible board with built-in Wi-Fi, expanded memory footprint of the ATMega1284p processor, and on-board SD card slot.  The WildFire is available for immediate purchase from the Wicked Device Shop and MakerShed.

Check out these specs below:
- WiFi with TI CC3000 chip. Easy WiFi!
- 16K or SRAM. (Uno has 2K)
- 128K Flash. So much room for activities! (Uno has 32K)
- 4K EEPROM (Uno has 1K)
- Micro SD card slot for applications such as data logging
- 4 Additional Digital I/O pins
- 2 Additional Analog I/O pins
- Accepts Arduino shields
- Programmable via Arduino IDE
- 4-layer PCB with dedicated GND and power plane

In addition to the rapidly growing software ecosystem and web resources developing around the CC3000 WiFi module, Wicked Device is developing a set of tutorials to help the novice get their WildFire up and running. Check out the Wicked Device WildFire resource page.


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